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Introduction of JASPA
What is JASPA?

What is JASPA?

Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association (JASPA) is mainly organized by

  the automobile service establishments in Japan (there are about 72,000 enterprises and 88,000 service shops across the country).
  It is a private national public association established under the law (the Road Vehicles Act)
  and having the Automobile Service Promotion Associations in each urban and rural Prefectures as the regular members,
  and automobile manufacturers and the automobile industry related service field as the special members.

JASPA performs such functions as promote practical solution of various problems of the automobile service industry and the business circle through adjustment of fair opinions of the business circle plan and prepare the education and training programs and texts for improving the service techniques of mechanics engaged in the service work, and conduct the qualification tests on their service techniques by the authority of the government agency with the object of contributing toward sound development of this industry and realization of a safe and clean "car society".
In order to attain this object, JASPA is making wide range activities based on the special knowledge and experience supplied from many fields of the automobile industry by generous cooperation of manufacturers and various organizations concerned, not to speak of the service industry.

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JASPA Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association